my ideal weight is the weight i am with misha collins on top of me

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" He’ll grab your waist and whisper in your ear but six months later you’ll find yourself drunk texting him that you miss him and he won’t respond. "


Beyonce - Bow Down

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maps // yeah yeah yeahs

wait, they don’t love you like i love you

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Soco Amaretto Lime - Brand New

You and me were kings over the parkway tonight
And tonight will go on forever while we
walk around this town like we own the streets
and stay awake through summer like we own the heat

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stretch marks are really just a natural tattoo of the way the sun reflects on the ocean, and if you aint praising that you missing out.

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Your cup is still on the window sill.
I’ll bring myself to move it soon,
But until I do, I’ll get lost in thoughts of you.

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